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Always dreaming about new opportunities.

Planning for Retirement

It’s not a fun topic but knowing that retirement will be here sooner rather than later, now seemed like a good time to get busy doing some retirement planning.  How could I not want to deal with this topic?  Seriously. Every time I log on to my 401K dashboard I kept getting a red signal indicating I needed to have saved more making me feel incredibly guilty and stressed that I’ve still got a lot to do to prepare for that very important time in life – retirement.  Depressing, isn’t it?   So I decided to make an appointment with a financial planner to get some help.

The initial meeting wasn’t so bad or at least it wasn’t as painful as I expected.  And the person that I’m working with didn’t seem to wince or make faces as I responded to her questions.   That’s promising, right? So now comes some homework, or the hard work – spreadsheets and budget planning.  Yuk.  I’d rather be thinking about my next trip!


This House Has Me Singing a Little Jimmy Buffett

I love taking walks though my neighborhood.  On a walk you get to see all sorts of details that homeowners lovingly add to their home or landscaping.  It’s the small details that are often missed when you are driving through. Garden3Today as we were walking the mandevilla on the mailbox caught my eye but truthfully I’ve been in love with the palm trees that were added to the landscape.

Garden2This house is one of two houses in our neighborhood with palm trees. Don’t you love the inlaid tiles edging the sidewalk?  Just looking at this house makes me want to start doing a little singing.

Garden1And look at the landscaping details – tiled edging!  This house is a perfect example of a small home that’s been given a lot of very special details.  The backyard is landscaped with a beautifulyl tiled fire pit area and the house has beautiful wood fencing lined with…what else, palm trees!!

Curly Girl Vision Board

For about three years now I’ve been a part of a vision group.  We get together twice a year or so for candid conversation about of lives, goals, dreams and accomplishments.  It’s powerful and as you can imagine there is a high level of trust within our visioning circle.

Initially as we met we would bring poster board, glue sticks, scissors and magazines and spend quiet time flipping through publications, cutting out photos and preparing our vision using the illustrative materials we had found.  About a year ago we decided to “go green” and use a bulletin board or a more permanent board for posting.  Not only would this save paper, it would also give us flexibility in rearranging our visions when necessary.

I spent hours combing the web, searching for a perfect magnetic board and I found it!  Thank you Curly Girl!!! You couldn’t have made a more perfect vision board for me! CurlyGirlOh by the way, our group is getting together soon and I’ll be sure to introduce you to them.  A group of amazing women.


Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

Icelandic horses

Dreaming big

I’ll admit it.  I’m a daydreamer and I always have been.  Truthfully, daydreaming motivates and inspires me and often some of my most creative ideas come from daydreaming.  It has been said that children daydream much more that adults and as we age our tendency to be realistic lessens our daydreaming activity.  As our lives get busier, there’s less time to stop, stare off into the clouds daydream.  This blog is going to be a place to do some daydreaming.  A place where we can think big, imagine and get away.  At the same time perhaps some daydreams combined with some planning and organization will help make some big dreams and wishes come true.  So here’s my list of 10 things I’ll be thinking and blogging about (in no particular order):

  1. Travel, travel, travel
  2. Spend time with friends and family
  3. Laugh more often
  4. Plan for retirement
  5. Think about post-retirement
  6. Good health
  7. Books & movies
  8. Create a cozy cottage
  9. Work less
  10. Style and beauty