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Daydreaming Gone Wrong

Window, DaydreamMy fourth grade teacher died a few weeks ago and when I found out about her passing last night, it reminded me of a time long ago when I got paddled for daydreaming.  Yes, paddled!

It was the one and only time I was ever paddled at school  and it happened to be in Mrs. Lacy’s fourth grade class.  The situation went like this.  After lunch our class was supposed to go down the 4th grade hall to the restrooms and from the restrooms students were expected to go straight to their desks and wait quietly for the next period to begin.

 My school was a beautiful old school built in the 1940s with huge windows. There was no air conditioning in the building so when spring rolled around we opened up those big windows.  We had pieces of 2x4s that we used to prop the big wooden framed windows open.  And so it was that after lunch I went back to the class room with those windows up, the sunlight beaming in and the smell of blooming things in the spring air. Instead of going to my desk I went to the window to take in the view of spring and to daydream a bit.

 Quietly Mrs. Lacy entered the room and she quietly picked up her “board of education.” It seems that I wasn’t alone.  She went down a row of kids who were all lined up, staring out the window – whack, whack, whack, whack went the paddle down the row. Not a single word was uttered but each of us, insulted and embarrassed, quietly walked to our desks.

 I often get spring fever, fired up about fall and all the other seasons but I will never forget that moment when I got caught daydreaming and enjoying spring.

Happy fall y’all!

Girl With the Pearl Earring

High Museum Atlanta I’m so lucky to work around the corner from the High Museum in Atlanta and honestly Michael Shapiro and his team have put together some incredible exhibits over the years.  Currently the Girl With the Pearl Earring is in town and early one morning I went over to enjoy the Dutch artist exhibit and to see the painting.

While walking around the exhibit it was fun to spot another painting in the same exhibit which featured a girl with a pearl earring.

Gerard Ter BoschLots of museum goers were walking right past this painting but I have to admit this girl with the pearl earring caught my eye too.  Can you imagine wearing earrings that big?

And this was fun too! Girl with the Pearl Earring

Mexican Celebration

Tulum Ruins Mexico

I have so much fun at work and one of the things I enjoy the most is being able to be creative in the workplace.  Since the economic downturn “doing more with less” is a way of doing business but “making do” lends itself to creativity.


Recently we were having a Mexican celebration and it was so exciting to see how beautiful the paper decorations turned out. Everything was handmade.

Paper crafts

Paper crafts

Even more fun was being able to put together a power point where we could share travel photos from trips to Mexico.  Thought I would share a few of ours from the Tulum ruins.  Just imagine Mayan ruins right on the beach!  Though I have to admit there were some scary looking sunbathers!

Tulum, MexicoTulum, Mayan Ruins

Shopping for a Cause – GAIN

Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network


I’m on the board of an incredible organization and I’m very proud to have been one of the volunteers who helped form the organization.  GAIN, or the Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network is a group of volunteer lawyers who work to help immigrant victims of human trafficking and individuals fleeing persecution seeking asylum in the United States.  The stories of our clients are so compelling and hearing their stories always inspires me.  Almost daily GAIN clients remind me how lucky we are to be living in America.

This week GAIN hosted a book signing event featuring Anna Rodriguez, the woman  behind the creation of human trafficking laws in the U.S.  Her stories and her work are incredible.  Her new book is Ma’am Anna for those interested in learning more about human trafficking and Anna’s work.

Now, on to the shopping.  A few of GAIN’s clients offered to make a few items for a silent auction to help give back to the organization which has given so much to them.   This factor alone inspires me.

At the auction there were two queen-sized embroidered pieces with pillow cases hand-embroidered by an Indian client who had been in an abusive relationship.  Thanks to GAIN’s volunteers she has been able to establish a new life in a new country and is safe from her abuser.  Sadly she was physically damaged by the years of abuse making it painful for her to sew but she stitched these two pieces to help GAIN.  Given all the news about India and the treatment of women, having the opportunity to help a female victim of domestic violence in some small way was especially meaningful.

India Embroidery

Can you believe that I was the lucky bidder? I’m so proud to have won this treasure!!!  There is no match for the heartfelt handwork that was stitched into the fabric.


Handmade Embroidery

Today I’m linking up with The Tablescaper celebrating Seasonal Sunday.

Ashghalouna Beirut

All of the recent news from Syria and Egypt has reminded me of one incredibly powerful NGO in Beirut.  Ashghalouna is a restaurant and artisana that is operated by volunteers and war widows and is organized by the NGO.  The restaurant has limited hours but is quite a terrific place for lunch.  The artisana has beautiful handmade items lovingly and beautifully made by the widows.

Ashghalouna, Beirut

One of the volunteers wearing a galabia outside Ahsghalouna

Ashghalouna has taken the tragic circumstances of war and has provided employment for women who’ve lost husbands and need careers to provide for their family.  This NGO gives women the opportunity to use their talents and skills to make a living.

MaacroonBecause the restaurant has limited hours, it’s important to make a reservation.   The restaurant is unique because the women prepare foods that are unique to Beirut.  Some of the dishes prepared can only be found locally in Beirut.

If you happen to be visiting the city, you will want to have lunch at Ashghalouna.

Flower Beauty

While at the hairdresser’s this week I picked up the big fall issue of Style.  Drew Barrymore was on the front cover and she looked amazing.  She is one of those faces that seems to easily transform from innocence to elegance.

I love looking a the big fall issues of fashion publications.  My birthday is in the fall and one of the things I enjoy doing during my birthday month is to enjoy a “make over.”  Normally this consist of me doing a major purge of old skin care and make up products and replacing everything with fresh and new.  Sometimes I make an appointment with beauty consultants to get tips and updates which is really helpful as I get older.

Drew Barrymore InStyle Magazine+September+2013+1Flower got a lot of “coverage” in this month’s inStyle Magazine.  Apparently the makeup line is only sold at Wal-Mart (guess I’ll have to find a Wal-Mart) and it’s very affordable make up.  Since reading about Flower in inStyle, I’ve read a number of reviews giving the makeup a high five.   So, this year instead of going to a big department store, making my appointment with a beauty consultant and spending much more than I should on new products, I’ll be headed to Wal-Mart and picking up some Flower power!