Ashghalouna Beirut

All of the recent news from Syria and Egypt has reminded me of one incredibly powerful NGO in Beirut.  Ashghalouna is a restaurant and artisana that is operated by volunteers and war widows and is organized by the NGO.  The restaurant has limited hours but is quite a terrific place for lunch.  The artisana has beautiful handmade items lovingly and beautifully made by the widows.

Ashghalouna, Beirut

One of the volunteers wearing a galabia outside Ahsghalouna

Ashghalouna has taken the tragic circumstances of war and has provided employment for women who’ve lost husbands and need careers to provide for their family.  This NGO gives women the opportunity to use their talents and skills to make a living.

MaacroonBecause the restaurant has limited hours, it’s important to make a reservation.   The restaurant is unique because the women prepare foods that are unique to Beirut.  Some of the dishes prepared can only be found locally in Beirut.

If you happen to be visiting the city, you will want to have lunch at Ashghalouna.

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