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I’m on the board of an incredible organization and I’m very proud to have been one of the volunteers who helped form the organization.  GAIN, or the Georgia Asylum & Immigration Network is a group of volunteer lawyers who work to help immigrant victims of human trafficking and individuals fleeing persecution seeking asylum in the United States.  The stories of our clients are so compelling and hearing their stories always inspires me.  Almost daily GAIN clients remind me how lucky we are to be living in America.

This week GAIN hosted a book signing event featuring Anna Rodriguez, the woman  behind the creation of human trafficking laws in the U.S.  Her stories and her work are incredible.  Her new book is Ma’am Anna for those interested in learning more about human trafficking and Anna’s work.

Now, on to the shopping.  A few of GAIN’s clients offered to make a few items for a silent auction to help give back to the organization which has given so much to them.   This factor alone inspires me.

At the auction there were two queen-sized embroidered pieces with pillow cases hand-embroidered by an Indian client who had been in an abusive relationship.  Thanks to GAIN’s volunteers she has been able to establish a new life in a new country and is safe from her abuser.  Sadly she was physically damaged by the years of abuse making it painful for her to sew but she stitched these two pieces to help GAIN.  Given all the news about India and the treatment of women, having the opportunity to help a female victim of domestic violence in some small way was especially meaningful.

India Embroidery

Can you believe that I was the lucky bidder? I’m so proud to have won this treasure!!!  There is no match for the heartfelt handwork that was stitched into the fabric.


Handmade Embroidery

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