Girl With the Pearl Earring

High Museum Atlanta I’m so lucky to work around the corner from the High Museum in Atlanta and honestly Michael Shapiro and his team have put together some incredible exhibits over the years.  Currently the Girl With the Pearl Earring is in town and early one morning I went over to enjoy the Dutch artist exhibit and to see the painting.

While walking around the exhibit it was fun to spot another painting in the same exhibit which featured a girl with a pearl earring.

Gerard Ter BoschLots of museum goers were walking right past this painting but I have to admit this girl with the pearl earring caught my eye too.  Can you imagine wearing earrings that big?

And this was fun too! Girl with the Pearl Earring

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  1. Suzanne Adivari

    You have a new blog!! How much fun is that…I have been wanting to do that for a long time just to be able to give myself a new blog name…I thought about “Stories from the Nut house” would be appropriate…love the dummy board with you behind it…did you see Debbie Peavy did the picture and had her cat in it….she’s crazy.


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