I’m Going to India!

I’ve had a travel list for a long time and I add to it often.  Greece has always been on my list and this year I was so fortunate to be able to finally get there.   I’ve been saving my travel posts about Greece for when the weather changes and I’m daydreaming about warmer weather.  Given the warm fall we’re having, it may be a while before I get to post!

India has also been on my travel list for quite some time and recently when my vision group met, I was prompted to act to make this trip a reality.  During our group sharing session I was sharing that India has been on my list, I keep daydreaming about it but just don’t ever seem to have enough time and I haven’t been able to get a travel partner to want to make the trip with me.  As I continued sharing my obstacles, one of my friends stopped me mid-sentence saying, “You’ll go on this trip as soon as you buy a ticket.  Just buy your ticket.”   What a revelation.  She was so right.  The more time I spent trying to figure out the best time, the person to travel with and whether to go with a group or not, the more obstacles I was putting in my own path.

So now the ticket has been purchased, one of my vision group members and good friends is joining me and we are planning and studying for our trip.  It’s a big country and there are so many things to see.  I’m so excited.

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