I’m Not Too Fond of Fall


As soon as the Labor Day holiday ended, it seemed blog posts were all highlighting fall decorations, recipes and buzzing about the amazing wonders of fall.  In all honesty, I’m just not so fond of fall or colder weather for that matter.   Fall means cold weather, everyone seems to hibernate more, winter comes and things outside turn brown.  These things just don’t appeal to me but I was reading an article and learned about “Hygge.”

I’d never heard the word so I read a bit more.

This Danish word (pronounced “hooga”) loosely translates as “coziness.”  It’s a warm, sociable feeling that comes to the fore in autumn and winter and that, for Danes, is one of the highest states to which humans can aspire.  Wool sweaters (preferably organic), hats with earflaps, blazing log fires, strong ales in old wood-paneled bars and candles galore, even at breakfast, all conjure “hygge.”

This has changed my attitude.  Now I’m going to be focused on creating hygge.   We could all use more coziness.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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