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Planning for Retirement

It’s not a fun topic but knowing that retirement will be here sooner rather than later, now seemed like a good time to get busy doing some retirement planning.  How could I not want to deal with this topic?  Seriously. Every time I log on to my 401K dashboard I kept getting a red signal indicating I needed to have saved more making me feel incredibly guilty and stressed that I’ve still got a lot to do to prepare for that very important time in life – retirement.  Depressing, isn’t it?   So I decided to make an appointment with a financial planner to get some help.

The initial meeting wasn’t so bad or at least it wasn’t as painful as I expected.  And the person that I’m working with didn’t seem to wince or make faces as I responded to her questions.   That’s promising, right? So now comes some homework, or the hard work – spreadsheets and budget planning.  Yuk.  I’d rather be thinking about my next trip!